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Congratulations on the start of your Juice Plus Business!

There are some simple getting started videos on this page ( The Mission Driven Model ) web page. This site will help you with setting up your Juice Plus website and placing your orders.

It is my hope that you are excited to place an order for yourself to try out the products. I have seen improvements in the health of myself and that of my children.

When I started my Juice Plus business, I purchased: The Orchard, Garden & Vineyard Blend Capsules (Trio) for myself and my spouse by participating in the "Child Health Study (CHS.)"

 In order to participate in the CHS, go to the 2nd tab on your dashboard.

Please review the above website, paying particular attention to the Fast Track section under Getting Started. Take notes! That should help you understand what you need to do to qualify for your first bonus.

Once you get some product ordered for yourself, I’m going to help you take the next step in this business. Text or email me with any questions.