The Best Organic Whole Food Supplements to Add to Your Routine

Organic whole food supplements are essential for anyone looking to improve their health or boost the immune system. Conventional farming techniques have unfortunately evolved to a point where they have taken away most of the soil’s nutrients rendering our whole food supplies and us deficient in various crucial nutrients.

Considering most of us are consuming highly processed and pre-packaged foods offering little nutritional value, supplementation has become even more valuable. Another surprising fact is that organic foods, which are supposed to offer more nutritional value, are lacking in this department so regardless of eating organic whole foods, you still could be deficient in important nutrients. Most mineral and vitamin supplements are manufactured from synthetic chemical isolates. Some of these isolates are hard for the body to use.

Eating a diet comprising of various whole foods is one of the best ways to get the necessary minerals and vitamins but if the foods in your diet are falling short, then mineral and vitamin supplements.

Benefits of Organic Whole Food Supplements

Scientist began realizing that there was a significant difference in the results of studies conducted using organic whole foods versus those using synthetic isolated nutrients and they began reassessing the foods we consider currently as somewhat beneficial to our health. After doing this, they came across other classes of nutrients that occur naturally known currently as phytonutrients, co-enzymes, and co-factors. Examples of the same include anthocyanins, sulforaphane, lutein, carotenes, bioflavonoids, and multiple others being discovered around the world.

These phytonutrients and co-factors aside from the carbohydrates, lipids, and amino acids found in organic whole foods make up an extraordinarily complex categorization of compounds including minerals and vitamins. This means that any naturally occurring mineral or vitamin is not just a single isolated molecule but is actually a complex group of multiple compounds bound together and all needed for optimum health.

Organic whole food supplements are derived from foods in their best natural state. Organic whole foods maintain most of their nutrients unlike synthetic extracts that lack most of their fundamental and essential properties. The best organic whole food supplements benefit your body from a nutritional perspective because they keep all the vitamins and nutrients intact. Your body also better absorbs organic whole food supplements, which is an added bonus. Manufacturers of the best organic whole food supplements are usually very transparent about where the vitamins and minerals are sourced.

Beneficiaries of Organic Whole Food Supplements

Most people can reap the benefits of supplementation with organic whole food supplements. Research shows that most adults in the United States fail to meet their daily-recommended doses of the ten top nutrients, which include iron, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin A. If your diet comprises mostly of junk food and fewer vegetables and fruits, then you are better off adding the best organic whole food supplements to your regimen. Even if you are trying hard to eat a nutritionally complete and balanced diet and you have any food allergies, dietary restrictions, or medical condition hindering absorption, supplements can be extra helpful. Individuals with immune system problems such as the elderly can get great benefits from added vitamins such as vitamin C, B6, and E, which can boost the immune system.

Women who are trying to get pregnant, are lactating, or pregnant can also benefit from the best organic whole food supplements because they are obtained from pesticide-free whole foods. Organic whole food supplements are a safe source of natural minerals and vitamins.

Vegetarians and vegans might also be in require the best organic whole food supplements as some vitamins, specifically B vitamins are present in animal products, which are not included in their diets.

However, even the best organic whole food supplements must not replace a balanced and healthy diet and this does not give you an excuse to indulge in processed junk food only.

Choosing the Best Organic Whole Food Supplements

Some of the best organic whole food supplements on the market are top rated because of their content, quality, and bioavailability.

Identifying Them

Your digestive system better absorbs organic whole food supplements compared to individual isolate supplements. The best organic whole food supplements provide a nutrition source that is closest in form to that of their food sources. This includes enzymes, phytonutrients, and essential fatty acids that help with digestion. Whole foods offer the appropriate balance of nutrients and vitamins that work synergistically and interact with one another for bioavailability. An example is calcium, which requires vitamin D in order to be absorbed.

Your Special Requirements

Most people need more nutrients to supplement their diet, especially those suffering from medical conditions that can restrict nutrient absorption or digestion. Seniors, athletes, teenagers, smokers, and people with weakened immune systems may also need organic whole food supplements. People who do not eat vegetable and fruits regularly or eat junk food regularly may have vitamin deficiencies and could be in need of the best organic whole food supplements.


The best organic whole food supplements meet the required safety and integrity standards. A good organic whole food supplement should be manufactured based on Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP. This is a similar compliance to the one used by drug manufacturers and it is implemented by the Food and Drug Administration. The best organic whole food supplements should have a certificate of analysis (COA) label, which serves as evidence that they have undergone quality control testing. Additionally, UPS on the supplement label ensures standards for dissolution, disintegration, purity, and strength established by the United States Pharmacopeia. If the supplement conforms to these standards then you are guaranteed of a superior product containing the actual listed ingredients and free from any harmful contaminants.


When choosing the best organic whole food supplement, you should also look at the ingredient list. All the ingredients must be in their unprocessed and natural form without any added elements that are synthetically produced. Most natural supplement companies usually provide statements describing the whole production chain from growth of the raw materials or whole foods all the way to your shopping basket.

Now that we have established the guidelines to follow when buying the best organic whole food supplements, let us take a look at some of the top-rated organic whole food supplements to add to your routine today.

NewMark Organic Vitamins

These are whole food vitamin supplements whose nutrients are obtained from organic foods that are free of any harmful pesticides and insecticides. The ICS or International Certification Service certifies these organic whole food supplements as organic. This is a third-party accreditation organization falling under the umbrella of the USDA’s National Organic Program. These supplements have phytonutrients obtained from organic plants and not synthetically produced vitamins.

Intra-Max Liquid Multi-Vitamin

This multivitamin liquid provides 415 nutrients all obtained from certified organic sources. These nutrients are all ultra-dissolved to promote suitable assimilation. The liquid comprises 72 trace mineral that are currently lacking in soil and therefore cannot be obtained from plants seeing as plants can only offer you minerals they have taken up from the soil. Your body best absorbs trace minerals if they are chelated. Fulvic acid is used for natural chelation of the mineral ions making them almost entirely bioavailable to the body. The body cannot break down minerals in mineral complexes, rock, or salt form for proper absorption. Intra-Max is also has a tropical passion flavor meaning you will not experience the unpleasant metallic taste of the minerals.


PhytoVitamins are manufactured from organic whole foods not to mention they are vegetarian. They do not comprise any animal parts such as glands, bone, liver, and spleen. The nutrients found in PhytoVitamins are obtained from certified organic vegetables, fruits, and plants.

New Chapter

This addition to the list of the best organic whole food supplements is easily absorbed by the body and recognizable. New Chapter organic supplements are obtained from USDA organic superfoods, herbs, vegetables, and fruit sources. They are also cultured with probiotics in non-GMO soy. This ensures the supplement provides your body with all the nutritional requirements it needs. The vitamin coating is made from corn that is non-GMO. The Only One multivitamin from the New Chapter line of supplements includes 24 wholefood minerals and vitamins and you only need to take one tablet daily, even if you have not eaten anything that day. The whole herb extraction process for New Chapter products does not make use of chemical solvents. New Chapter organic whole food supplements provide multivitamins designed for women, men, and individuals over 40 years. There also whole food supplements available for prenatal, immune, energy, and calmness benefits.


MegaFood is responsible for manufacturing multivitamins sourced from organic wholefood ingredients obtained from local farmers earning these products a spot on the list of the best organic whole food supplements. The ingredients present in their multivitamins are not heated in order to maintain their nutritional integrity. The products are devoid of dairy, soy, gluten, herbicides, and pesticides. Each of the blends used in the supplements features Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is non-candida yeast. MegaFood organic whole food supplements have products tailored for people with specific medical conditions, as well as children, women, and men.


Xtend-Life manufactures the best-quality supplements meeting both U.S. and British Pharmacopeia standards. The trademark ‘Total Balance’ organic food supplement comprises of 99 nutrients. Xtend-Life offers a four-phase delivery system in order to make sure nutrients obtained from these potent raw food ingredients are absorbed properly. The vitamin has an enteric coating that prevents it from being damaged by stomach acid.

Garden of Life

Vitamin Code produces an assorted line of organic whole food vitamins referred to as Garden Life. These Garden of Life ‘Living Multi’ supplements comprise enzymes and probiotic microorganisms and they are available in women and men’s formula. They also include an Optimal Formula that offers superfood ingredients comprising more than 80 various organic extracts, spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Garden of Life vitamins also includes various beneficial cofactors for the body.


  • MyKind Gummies from Garden of Life


These organic whole food supplements comprise of nine whole fruits in each package. The MyKind fresh grown organic gummies are Non-GMA Project Verified and Certified USDA Organic. They do not contain any synthetic ingredients, artificial colors, or flavors. They are manufactured with a clean gummy technology and are devoid of any added sugar, cornstarch, pig gelatin, or candy ingredients. With MyKind gummies, you are guaranteed that you will get a genuine, organic whole-food vitamin fruit chew that tastes great and is healthy for you.

  1. MyKind Women’s and Women’s 40+ Multi Gummies- These organic whole food supplements offer nine organic whole fruits in every bottle and they are non-GMO Project Verified and Certified USDA Organic. These fruit and vitamin chews are specially designed with nutrients specifically targeted for women.
  2. Men’s and Men’s 40+ Gummies- This product is also non-GMO Project Verified and Certified USDA Organic with nine organic whole fruits and targeted nutrients specifically supporting men’s health.
  3. Kids Multi Gummies- These gummies produces by Garden of Life are specially designed for kids and they are tasty and healthy so you can be sure your kids will be getting only the best. They are certified accordingly just like the other gummies in this line of products.
  4. Prenatal Multi Gummies- These gummies have special nutrients targeted for pregnant moms and their unborn babies to provide the necessary nutrition required during pregnancy.


This product does not only provide about 120 organic whole food minerals and vitamins, but it also contains probiotics, which are beneficial in encouraging a better immune system and healthy gut flora. It is not a gender specific product so your whole family would be able to benefit from it. Pure Nutria organic whole multivitamins have all the essential minerals and vitamins required by the body and they have extra beneficial nutrients such as niacin and biotin to promote healthy hair.

Amazing Nutrition

This is a supplement courtesy of Amazing Naturals and it has been specially designed for women as it has all the important nutrients required in their daily diet. You only need to take the pill once in a day, which can be an advantage for anyone who is not a fan of swallowing pills. A majority of women have reported of an enhanced immune system after taking this organic multivitamin supplement for some time.


This organic whole food supplement has two separate versions for women and men that are available. It provides you with all the minerals and vitamins you need on a daily basis and also offers the entire profile of essential amino acids in addition to a blend of herbs and roots. This nutritional cocktail works to boost eye, heart, and brain health. The product has received an award for the best multivitamin for both women and men in 2016 from various websites. The product is also vegan-friendly, soy free, and gluten free.

Source of Life Garden

Organic whole-food supplements produced by Source of Life Garden come from uncooked, certified organic whole foods. They also have synergistic whole food cofactors and live whole food enzymes. These supplements are vegan, gluten-free, and yeast-free in addition to delivering the best nutrition with definite health-improving benefits that you can feel. Source of Life Garden supplements get their incredible benefits from their certified organic whole food sources, which include whole foods such as sea vegetables, herbs, berries, vegetables, and fruits. The synergistic cofactors and health-enhancing cofactors found in these organic whole food supplements can only be found in naturally grown vegetables and fruits.

Juice Plus

I would recommend Juice Plus as one of the best organic whole food supplements to add to your shopping basket next time you are buying organic supplements. It is perfect for families and kids of all sizes. I appreciate Juice Plus as an organic whole food supplement because it offers you the best nutritional value in promoting healing for your body. With Juice Plus, you will get all the day-to-day nutritional value in just one capsule for the adults and gummies, which are great for both kids and adults. Grocery shopping at a local whole foods store or juicing can be quite costly as even 3 days of juicing may leave your pocket feeling slightly drained, and this is not sufficient. Imagine if you could get all the nutritional value you could get from organic whole foods in just one gummy or one capsule. It is a simple and easy option that you can undertake as soon as today.