Best Organic Whole Food Supplement

If like me, you awakened one morning to this over-weight imposter. You drug yourself out of bed and stumbled your way to the restroom. You entered and flipped the light switch on and, SURPRISE! You’re fat as hell.

Hi, I’m Don. Former Navy Electrician, Salesman, Tech-guru, business owner, father, husband and now, blog writer. As you can see, my life has continued spawning over the years. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine being over-weight at 40. I literally thought I’d be fit and good looking for the rest of life.

The Best Organic Whole Food Supplement I recommend is Juice Plus. It’s PERFECT for kids and families of all shapes and sizes. Have you tried juicing or simply grocery shopping at your local Whole Foods store? Every time I go there, it gives me the Disney World effect, without the Magic. No literally, 3 days of juicing whole foods will cost you an arm and a leg. And that’s not enough nutritional value to heal your body. This is why I appreciate Juice Plus. If gives you daily nutritional values within a capsule (for adults) and gummies for both adults and kids, if desired. Now, imagine getting your whole food value within a capsule or gummy? It’s quick and easy.

There are other good options available such as Organifi Green Juice and Hallelujah Diet, but they don’t have nearly the years of research and customer ratings as Juice Plus. So I recommend sticking with Juice Plus.